In the News: Airport Wi-Fi Might Not Be as Safe as You Think

September 17, 2014 Leave a comment

Airport WiFiThere has been an increasing number of reports in which free airport Wi-Fi leads to theft, fraud, and other malicious activity. These airport incidents happen because thieves set up fake internet signals, tricking vulnerable and tired travelers into using unsecured internet connections. They then have access to steal passwords, credentials, credit card numbers, or any other personal data that you entered.

Thieves are becoming smarter, and the only way to protect yourself is to be aware of their malicious campaigns. In order to avoid airport schemes consider the following:

  • Check what internet signals you are connecting to
  • Use your own personal internet signal; make sure it is password protected
  • Turn off the automatic connect button on your phone

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Protecting Your Privacy: Back to School Tips

September 12, 2014 Leave a comment

Back to SchoolAs the summer winds down and school approaches it is important to remember how to protect your identity.  You should be aware of the new ways that thieves are attempting to steal your data, as well as ways to keep your family and yourself safe. Use the following strategies to help protect your family and yourself as you prepare for the new school year:

  • Enable privacy settings on social media
  • Limit sharing information on social media (i.e. current locations, addresses, phone numbers, mother’s maiden name, pet names, date of birth)
  • Be cautious when using public wireless network as they are a prime target of hackers and malicious viruses and malware.
  • Never leave your laptop or phone alone in the library or cafeteria; they are full of personal information
  • Do not input private information on public computers (hackers can use keyloggers or spyware to save everything you type)

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Protecting Your Privacy: Tips to Keep your Identity Safe

September 10, 2014 Leave a comment

There are many ways thieves can steal your information and knowing how to protect yourself is becoming more and more important these days. Follow these simple ways to avoid having information compromised:

  1. Stolen IdentityPurchase a cross-cut shredder. Thieves will do anything to collect your information, and shredding is a good preventative measure to avoid identity theft. Shred old bills, medical receipts, bank statements, or anything with personal financial information.
  2. Check your credit report. Be aware of your credit score and credit card account activity. Checking your credit score at least once a year and keeping a close eye on your credit cards will decrease the possibility for fraud.
  3. Carry fewer cards to reduce your risk. Make sure to be conscious of what you carry with you on a daily basis. Never have your driver’s license and your social security card with you at the same time.

Keep these tips in mind when researching ways to protect your identity. Concerned about identity fraud? Learn more about InfoArmor’s services at


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In the News: Retailer Employee Skims Credit Cards

June 10, 2014 Leave a comment

An employee at a large U.S. retailer allegedly was skimming credit cards by hiding a machine under her skirt and skimming credit card numbers as she rang up customers. Skimming devices are essentially credit card machines that store credit card information to sell on the black market, make fraudulent online purchases, or to be used to create fake credit cards.

Avoid becoming the victim of a credit card skimming scheme by being vigilant about who you give your card to and how long it is out of your sight. Only provide your cards to reputable vendors and try to watch to ensure that they only swipe it in legitimate point of sale machines. Often skimming devices are portable and wireless machines, and can even be fitted to sit on top of gas pumps or ATM card readers.

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Protecting Your Privacy: Travel Tips

June 4, 2014 Leave a comment

Summer time travel is upon us. Traveling can lead to increased exposure of your information. Be wary of updating software on hotel wireless internet connections. Pop-ups warning hotel guests of a needed software update in order to connect to the internet have infected numerous hotel guests with malware. Unknowing guests assume the pop-up is legitimate and end up downloading viruses.

Ordering delivery to your hotel room? Be cautious of the take-out flyer you found on your hotel door.  Fraudsters are now posing as restaurants who ask you to prepay for your food order over the phone. Your food never gets delivered and now the fraudster has your credit card info.  Be cautious of this as you never know where that phone number is actually going. Ask the hotel for restaurant recommendations to avoid this trick.

Keep the number of cards and information you carry with you limited. If you normally carry five credit cards limit yourself to one or two. If you don’t need your Passport for the trip, don’t bring it with you. Travel with the least amount of personal information as possible, the less you have to lose the less you have to replace should an issue arise.

Enjoy your summer travel with these easy tips to help better protect your information.


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Take Precautions Online

May 28, 2014 Leave a comment

Today, people live out their entire lives online. Studies have reinforced time and time again that if you are online, your chances of identity fraud skyrockets. A report from Pew Research Center states that 18% of online adults have had important information stolen. In addition, 21% of online adults have had an email or social networking account compromised.

To protect your information online, be sure to avoid providing personal information online and never on an unsecured wireless network. Only provide information to reputable companies and try to avoid clicking on links from your email. If you aren’t already, protect yourself with InfoArmor!

Source: Forbes, “Nearly a fifth of Americans Suffer Data Breach – Many risk ID theft.” April 14, 2014.

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Protecting Your Privacy: Tactics Straight from the Thieves

April 24, 2014 Leave a comment

A recent report called “The Fraudsters’ Playbook” detailed the most common ways that thieves recommend stealing an identity. Be aware of these common schemes so you do not fall for them:

  1. Fake Wi-Fi networks – thieves create deceptive Wi-Fi networks that closely mirror the real public network name to get you to install malware on your computer, which can track passwords and give them access to email and bank accounts. When using public networks, do not login to sensitive accounts such as banking sites or email accounts.
  2. Door-to-Door Census workers – fake census workers show up at your doorstep asking for name, address, date of birth, email or even more sensitive information and use it to steal your personal information. Be skeptical of anyone asking for your personal information and require proper credentials before giving information to anyone.
  3. Social Media Sites – thieves scrape social media sites in order to find personal information online that can be used to answer security questions for banking sites or other online accounts. Keep security settings as high as you can to limit the amount of information you share online.

If you have questions about identity theft protection or you think your information has been impacted, please contact InfoArmor.

*Source: Jumio, The Fraudsters’ Playbook


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