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If you’re concerned you're one of many Americans who've had your personal data exposed, you’re likely filled with a number of questions and a great deal of concern.

Data breaches are a very serious matter that require due diligence on your part. You’ll need to act quickly. But the good news is — you’re not in this alone.

Regardless of whether you’re using our service, InfoArmor is here for you. We’re going to share the most important step you can take right now — breathe. And keep in mind, if you find out you may have been affected by a data breach, your identity wasn’t stolen. Your personal data was exposed. Exhale. You can now take proactive steps to protect yourself from possible identity theft.

From Data Breach to Identity Theft

At this point, if a significant amount of personal data has been exposed, it may increase the chances for your identity to be stolen.

To be proactive, monitor your personal data along with any credit or financial information. If you use a traditional credit monitoring service, it won't alert you to many of the more sophisticated identity crimes, so you may need to take some additional steps.  

Here’s what to do next:

If You Use PrivacyArmor, It Is One Simple Step:

#1 Login to Your PrivacyArmor Account

Once you’re inside your portal, there are a number of helpful tools. First, review your alerts. If any look suspicious, you can simply click "Not Me," and one of our certified Privacy Advocates will contact you.

Your PrivacyArmor account comes with the following features standard:

  • Comprehensive Credit and Identity Monitoring — Our proprietary identity monitoring platform identifies high-risk activity that typically goes undetected with traditional reports.
  • Fraud Remediation and Restoration — If you do fall victim to identity theft, a dedicated Privacy Advocate® will guide and manage your full recovery process.
  • Identity Theft Insurance Policy — If you do fall victim to identity theft, the $1 million Identity Theft Insurance Policy included with your PrivacyArmor® benefit reimburses many out-of-pocket costs, like lost wages and legal fees.

Three Steps to Take if You Aren’t Currently Using PrivacyArmor

If you are not currently using our PrivacyArmor solution, you’ll need to go through a manual process to make sure you’re protected. Here’s what we recommend:

#1 Check Your Mail

Keep an eye out on your email and physical mail. You may receive a communication from the company regarding the data breach. Businesses generally have 60 days to notify affected individuals of a breach. 

#2 Get a Copy of Your Credit Report

It’s critical you obtain a copy of your credit report. Review the report in depth and make sure it is accurate. If you see any irregularities, contact the creditor listed on your report to help you determine the cause. If there is an inquiry or account you do not recognize, report it immediately. Store this document in a secure location, so you can reference it in the future to identify any changes.

#3 Consider Freezing Your Credit

You should also consider freezing your credit accounts entirely. Freezing your credit is a free, secure and long-lasting solution. This will help prevent someone from using your personal information to open an account in your name.

Here’s how to get started with each bureau:

Whether you use InfoArmor or not, please take the necessary steps to protect you and your loved ones. It is our driving belief that everyone deserves peace of mind.

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