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When you’re on a mission to transform the security of humankind, you do things differently.

InfoArmor uses human operatives and advanced technologies to scour the crevasses of the dark web. Our certified Privacy Advocates are on standby 24 hours a day to help victims restore their identities at the first sign of compromise. And we arm our members with an evolving set of tools and resources they need to combat the threats of today’s digital era.

One way we accomplish this is through our PrivacyArmor app.

That’s right, all the PrivacyArmor features you know and love are in one convenient place — anywhere you are!

Meet the PrivacyArmor app

The PrivacyArmor app makes managing your identity easier than ever before.

You can monitor your accounts while at the bank or buying a new car, address important alerts on the go, and view credit reports and scores in an instant. In fact, our mobile app offers access to the entire PrivacyArmor portal.

This means you can:

  • Check your Identity Health Score

  • View, manage, and clear alerts in real time

  • Monitor your credit scores and reports for any changes or errors

  • Run a personalized Digital Exposure Report

  • Safeguard your personal and professional accounts

  • Receive alerts for cash withdrawals, balance transfers, and large purchases from any linked bank account

  • Monitor any linked social media account for questionable content and signs of account takeover

  • Reduce solicitation attempts by opting out of credit card offers, telemarketing calls, commercial mail and email, and unrequested coupons

  • Update your account settings and alert preferences

  • Leverage the convenience and security of Touch ID/Face ID or fingerprint authentication

  • Unlock the full functionality of the PrivacyArmor portal

Download the app today

Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android-powered device, you can download the latest version of our app today!

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