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Faster, Easier, Better: PrivacyArmor Portal Upgrades


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Have you ever wanted to check your PrivacyArmor portal from your mobile phone? Or wished you could find your favorite features with fewer clicks? Have you wanted to print out your credit report? These are all things you’ll soon be able to do — faster, easier, better.

Our PrivacyArmor portal is getting an upgrade, not just on the outside, but on the inside, too. And it’s coming soon to a login near you.

PrivacyArmor Portal Upgrade 2018 from InfoArmor on Vimeo.

Faster, easier, better

We’ve invested in some new technology that will enable PrivacyArmor to be even more secure and continue regularly delivering value to all our members. Our navigation improvements mean task completion is twice as fast, and behind the scenes, things are humming smoother than ever before with page load speeds that are more than three times faster.

Dark Web Monitoring

You’ll notice that WalletArmor has become Dark Web Monitoring. You’ll still have the same capability to store your wallet contents should you lose them, and if you ever lose your wallet, we’ll help you replace the contents. Renaming the feature Dark Web Monitoring puts the focus on our even more valuable and enhanced capability: We monitor the dark web for credentials you’ve listed.

We’re always scouring the dark web for credentials listed in the Dark Web Monitoring feature. In fact, in the last 30 days, we ran participant data against 2.9 billion compromised credentials. So if we find, say, your credit card number on the dark web, we can immediately alert you that your card has been compromised. We’ll monitor for credentials like credit cards, driver’s licenses, and web logins that you list in your Dark Web Monitoring section.


Mobile optimized portal experience

The new PrivacyArmor portal will look better on desktops and mobile phones. We’re ditching the pinch-and-zoom and bringing you a portal you can use easily on your mobile. That means you can do all the things you usually do on a desktop — clear alerts, check your credit score, add family members, and more — right on your phone.

MobileSimplified navigation

Our design changes aren’t an attempt to just switch it up for the sake of looking different — we’ve made it easier to navigate to your favorite features faster. You won’t have to click through multiple menus or try to remember how to get back to something — it’s all right there.

It’s also now much faster and easier for you to go in and make targeted updates to profiles for you or your family members.


Improved credit reports

Our credit report feature got some special attention so that now it’s not only easier to read your credit report, it’s print friendly, too.

CreditReportWe’re excited to bring you these improvements to make your experience with PrivacyArmor faster, easier, and better. Stay tuned for more updates this year!

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