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Chances are good that you or someone in your family likes to share online. 

Maybe your teen is into uploading her incredible skateboarding feats on YouTube, or you and your partner are documenting a DIY home renovation on another social site. For many of us, sharing photos, videos, and status updates offers a simple way to stay in touch with loved ones during the pandemic. 

Unfortunately, though, there’s a darker side to social media platforms. At their best, these virtual spaces help us connect and gather inspiration but they can also be an incubator for identity theft, harassment, and even abuse. 

If you use Allstate Identity Protection, our social media monitoring feature can help you manage the whole family’s privacy. We actively track Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for signs of trouble, including account takeover and grooming behaviors and now we monitor YouTube accounts, too. Read on to learn more about how it works.

We monitor the most popular social media platforms, including YouTube

In a 2018 survey by Statista, a third of people said they experienced a hack of their social media or email accounts. 

This type of breach can be stressful. Picture yourself locked out of your Facebook profile while someone else creates inappropriate content in your name, leading to reputational damage. 

Social account takeover can also be a tip-off that something’s up with your identity. If one of your accounts has been hacked, more of your personal details may be compromised. That’s why it’s best to be alerted of potential account takeover right away. 

In our portal, you can link your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts for monitoring. We’ll analyze your account information and send alerts about questionable posts including: 

  • Alcohol and drugs
  • Sexual content
  • Spam
  • Geolocation data
  • Sensitive data like user IDs and passwords
  • Racism or bigotry
  • Threats and violence

You can now link your YouTube account, too. We’ll track comments on the videos, music, and artwork you upload and ping you if we see cyberbullying, grooming behaviors, or other problematic material.

We’ll monitor your kid’s social accounts, too

Raising kids in the age of social media is full of unknowns. 

Parents have long been concerned about internet predators and cyberbullies. In recent years, social platforms themselves have also come under scrutiny. 

YouTube was recently fined $170 million by the Federal Trade Commission for mishandling minor’s personal information. The platform has since launched new privacy practices, but parents are right to question how childrens’ data is being harvested. 

During the health crisis, we’ve all been spending more time online kids and teens included. Most American students participated in some type of remote learning this year, expanding their digital footprints in the process. With screen time way up, keeping kids safe online feels particularly important. 

With our social media monitoring feature, it’s easy to keep an eye on the whole family’s social accounts. In our portal, it’s simple to connect your child’s accounts for monitoring under a profile designated specifically for them. 

To add a child to your existing account, just tap the icon in the top right-hand corner, then click ‘Manage family members’ and ‘Add new member’. From there, you can link your kiddo’s social media accounts (and monitor their credit and identity too!). We’ll watch for suspicious and damaging content and send actionable alerts if we spot something concerning like an unsavory comment on your daughter’s most epic skate video on YouTube. 

With us watching out for the family online, we hope you’ll be free to focus on the good stuff, like having more fun when you log on and in real life, too.  

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