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The 2019 Improvements Coming to PrivacyArmor


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We have big news coming for 2019: PrivacyArmor and PrivacyArmor Plus will be getting some big upgrades in features and capabilities. The best part is, with all the improvements to the product, there will be no change in pricing. That’s right: Same price, more PrivacyArmor.

Here are the enhancements coming to your PrivacyArmor portal starting in January 2019.

PrivacyArmor and PrivacyArmor Plus upgrades

Deceased family member coverage

Dealing with the tragedy of the death of a loved one is painful enough without also having to worry about the lasting consequences of their information falling into the hands of an identity thief. If someone uses the identity of a deceased family member who was enrolled in a PrivacyArmor family plan, we will help you fully resolve it.

PrivacyArmor Plus upgrades

401(k) and HSA reimbursement

If fraud or identity reaches into your investment and savings accounts, InfoArmor will reimburse the stolen funds.

Just make sure to add any accounts you’d like reimbursement for to Financial Transaction Monitoring in your PrivacyArmor portal.

Stolen funds reimbursement

If you have money stolen from your bank accounts as a result of fraud or identity theft, we’ll reimburse you the stolen funds so you never have to cover a loss.

Make sure to add any accounts you’d like covered to Financial Transaction Monitoring in your PrivacyArmor portal.

Tax fraud refund advance

We’ll advance your tax refund if someone fraudulently files and receives a return on your behalf.

Unlimited TransUnion reports and scores

Obtain a TransUnion report or score from your PrivayArmor portal at any time. Yes, that means you can get this every day!

Annual tri-bureau reports and scores

Now you can check your credit score and obtain credit reports from all three bureaus every year. This allows you to compare your credit reports across all three bureaus and get insight into your personal information, accounts reported to each bureau, your overall credit usage and debt summary, existing hard inquiries, and reported collections or public records.

IP address monitoring

We look for your IP address so we can detect and inform you if it’s been compromised. This is a powerful tool for your privacy, as anything that connects to the internet has an IP address.

An IP address is a unique string of numbers and periods that identifies computers using the internet. IP addresses are considered personally identifiable information because they can be used in conjunction with other date to build a profile about an individual. This profile can include activity such as browsing habits, sites visited, ads clicked — any kind of online activity.

Credit freeze assistance

Our customer care team will help you freeze your credit at all three bureaus.

A credit freeze lets you restrict access to your credit report, which makes it more difficult for identity thieves to open new accounts in your name. Our team of Privacy Advocates are available 24/7 and are trained to walk you through the credit freeze process with all three credit bureaus. Their intimate knowledge of how the system works means we can help you complete freezes quickly and avoid confusion and sales pitches during the process.

Credit lock

Easily lock an adult TransUnion credit report right from your PrivacyArmor portal. If you’d like to lock your child’s TransUnion credit file to prevent unauthorized access, our Privacy Advocates will assist you through the process. Locking your credit report and those of your child is an important tool for safeguarding yourself and children from identity theft, as it stops creditors from authorizing potentially fraudulent lending transactions.

Similar to a credit freeze, a credit lock differs in one important way: It can be easily disabled when you need access to credit.

Please note: If you are locking a child’s credit, you will need legal documents in order to establish a parent or guardian’s ability to act on behalf of the minor.

In-app credit report disputes

Sign in to the PrivacyArmor portal to let us know that a transaction wasn’t you, or if there is incorrect data, to directly dispute an item on your TransUnion credit report.

Keeping our members’ credit report as accurate as possible has always been a priority for us, and now we’re making it even easier. By automating more of the process, we enable our members to independently work through disputes online themselves if they choose. Of course if you’d prefer to do this with a Privacy Advocate, the team is at the ready to assist you.

Whether you’re continuing your coverage, or enrolling for the first time, we hope that knowing about these new features help you make a decision, and we thank you for electing our coverage. If you’re thinking about upgrading from PrivacyArmor to PrivacyArmor Plus, now is the time of year to do it!

If you’d like to know more about how PrivacyArmor works, check out the video below:

And as always, if you have any questions about your coverage, you can reach out to your HR or benefits manager, or contact us!


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