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At the formation of every business, there is an important question one should ask above any other: “why?” Why do we do what we do? What is our purpose? Why do we get out of bed in the morning? For InfoArmor, the answer is a simple one. 

It’s because we love our employees, our friends, our family, and when they suffer, it causes us pain too. It’s because we believe everyone deserves peace of mind. This is why we do what we do at InfoArmor. It’s not about selling identity protection – it’s about ensuring every man, woman, and child has their privacy, identity, and finances protected from those who seek to cause them harm.

We didn’t enter the data security industry because we thought it would be easy. In fact, we knew it would be challenging. We knew the hours would be long and the work could be tedious. We knew we would have to scour the dark web day in and day out for new threats that seem to pop up in the blink of an eye. We knew there would be nights we couldn’t go home to our families. But we also knew that we relished the challenge of creating a safer, more secure world for all. 

A decade ago, when we first began developing our identity protection service, we refused to design it for the elite alone. To truly accomplish our vision of protecting ALL of the people -- and not just the very fortunate – it would need to be affordable for everyone. We also recognized it couldn’t just be a “credit monitoring” program. To really combat identity thieves, to protect our loved ones, to change the world, creating another traditional credit monitoring service just wouldn’t cut it. 

We needed to create a program designed to send proactive alerts, not just about a changing credit score, but about risky financial transactions, password changes, and even questionable social media posts. We needed to create a program that ensured if something bad did happen, you would be covered. That’s why if someone does steal your identity, we have a team of Privacy Advocates available 24/7 to help you through each stage of the process. But to really offer a service we could be proud of, we knew we had to protect victims’ finances as well, which is why we decided to offer a $1,000,000 Identity Theft Insurance Policy dedicated to reimbursing many out-of-pocket costs victims experience, like lost wages, legal fees, medical records request fees, CPA fees, child care and more.

We also realized businesses need protection just as much as people, so we launched the award-winning VigilanteATI Advanced Threat Intelligence™ platform and investigative services. By utilizing a combination of sophisticated technology, hard-hitting threat intelligence data, and expert human context, we’re able to alert businesses to the potential impact of attacks before they become a risk to their organization. Being preventive is a critical element of our service, which is why we formed a team of elite operatives whose sole job it is to scan the dark web for any indications of a planned breach or hack. This way businesses can use their energy to prevent an attack, not just pick up the pieces after one occurs.  

It is with great pride that I can tell you InfoArmor has accomplished these goals and more. How did we do it?  It’s happened because of our people. We’ve been fortunate to assemble an incredible team, all experts in their fields, all sharing the same passion, the same determination to reach our goal, the same “why.” It hasn’t always been easy. It hasn’t always been fun. But, I think I can speak for everyone at InfoArmor when I say, it has always been worth it. 

And, while we have accomplished so much, we are far from finished. The passion we brought with us in those early days is still inside of us, demanding we do everything in our power to create a safer tomorrow. Every minute of every day, we are looking for new and better ways to protect your employees, your neighbors, your friends. And it all started with a shared belief that has become our mantra at InfoArmor – everyone deserves peace of mind

Thanks for reading!  I hope you can sleep a little easier tonight, because we’ve got this.


John Schreiber
Chief Executive Officer

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At InfoArmor, we believe everyone deserves the right to privacy, security, and above all else, peace of mind. This is why we’re proud to offer industry-leading solutions for employee identity protection and advanced threat intelligence. From enterprise to employee, InfoArmor redefines how organizations combat an ever-changing cyber threat landscape. If you’d like more information on how we can help your organization protect its most valuable assets, reach out. We’d love to hear from you.